What’s the Best Age to Start Anti-Aging Treatments?

The truth is, you are never too young to start thinking about preserving and protecting your skin. There are many treatments and topical ingredients that you can start right now at any age to help give your skin a boost of youthful radiance and protection from free radicals, sun damage, and other causes of accelerated aging.

1. Sunscreen

Wearing daily SPF is one of the best things you can do for your skin to protect against wrinkles and dark spots, as well as skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays damage collagen and elastin, slow cell renewal, and cause dark spots – sometimes called “age spots” – to form on your skin. However, these dark spots are not caused by age at all and are entirely preventable by practicing good sun protection habits. 

Wear at least SPF 15 on a daily basis, switching to SPF 30 or higher when you plan to be outside for an hour or more. Read more important sunscreen tips in this blog.

2. Retinoids

Prescription retinoids are very effective anti-aging ingredients that are made from retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A. Retinoids are the only topical ingredients that have been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production, making them an excellent anti-aging treatment. Retinoids also possess strong antioxidant properties and are commonly used to treat acne, dark spots, and other skin problems as well.

If you are starting a retinoid for the first time, work with your dermatologist to slowly introduce them to your skin. Otherwise, they can be drying to certain skin types. When applied properly, however, retinoids can be appropriate for all skin types. Layering techniques can be used to help minimize side effects like dryness and flaking. Applying a retinoid on top of a moisturizer, for example, can help to slow down its absorption rate into the skin and therefore reduce side effects. 

3. Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of naturally-occuring acids that are known for their humectant properties. Humectants are able to bind to and retain a large amount of water, making them good choices for dry skin types. AHAs are also able to loosen the “glue” that holds skin cells together, making them effective chemical exfoliants as well. When used in a cleanser, AHAs not only help to remove dirt and makeup from your skin, but they also remove dead skin cells that may be “hanging on” to new cells. This process stimulates collagen production within your skin and helps subsequent treatment products to penetrate the skin more easily.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient that can benefit nearly all skin types. It is a strong antioxidant – offering built-in UV protection – plays a role in the production of collagen, and helps to improve the appearance of dark spots by inhibiting an enzyme that produces pigment within the skin. 

Vitamin C is an ingredient that is worth spending a little more money on, since it can be unstable if not properly formulated, packaged, and stored. If you have rosacea or other sensitive skin subtypes, talk to your dermatologist before adding a vitamin C serum into your regimen. Because this ingredient is best absorbed at a low pH, it can cause stinging on inflamed skin. 

You can also boost your skin’s vitamin C content by eating foods rich in this vitamin, such as citrus fruits, bell peppers, and broccoli. In fact, your skin will benefit much more from eating vitamin C-rich foods or taking a vitamin C supplement than it will from drinking expensive collagen drinks. So instead of spending money on these, grab an orange!

5. Botulinum Toxin A (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau)

People often ask, “What is the best age to start getting Botox?” While many factors can go into this decision, the bottom line is that it is better to start botulinum toxin A (BoNT/A) injections earlier, rather than waiting for lines and creases to become very deep and noticeable. Studies show that starting regular injections at a younger age can help to prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming on your skin down the road. So by starting BoNT/A injections now, you could have fewer wrinkles to try to get rid of later.

In Summary

You do not have to wait for lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging to show up on your skin to begin thinking about an anti-aging skin regimen. Take preventative steps like wearing daily SPF and considering early BoNT/A injections now to avoid pronounced signs of aging down the road. Combine this with the proper skincare regimen for your skin type and specific concerns for a well-rounded approach to getting healthy, happy skin. 

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April 21, 2020 Skin Aging