Can Teenagers Get Rosacea?

Due to the surge of hormones that happens during puberty, teenagers often struggle with a variety of skin concerns, acne being the most common. However, teenagers could also suffer from chronic inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, even though this condition is more commonly seen in men and women over the age of 40. If you … Continue reading


How Do I Know If I Have Rosacea?

While it’s not uncommon for the face to become a little flushed after an intense workout or even when drinking a glass of wine, redness that doesn’t seem to fade over time could be a sign of rosacea. Rosacea is a fairly common inflammatory skin condition that affects millions of men and women in the … Continue reading


What Foods Are Best for Rosacea Sufferers?

If you are one of the 14 million Americans living with rosacea, you may be struggling to find relief from seemingly sporadic flare-ups of your symptoms (American Academy of Dermatology). What you may not know, however, is that your skin is intimately affected by the foods and drinks that you do or do not consume. … Continue reading


What Triggers Rosacea?

Although there isn’t currently a cure for rosacea, a common inflammatory skin condition, its symptoms tend to occur in flares triggered by a variety of environmental factors. Because of this, many people have found that they are able to better manage their rosacea symptoms by identifying and avoiding their unique triggers. If you’re having difficulty … Continue reading


Finally–A Breakthrough in Rosacea Treatment

Anyone struggling to manage rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, knows that treating red, flushed skin can be a difficult task. Not only are there a number of triggers that can cause a flare-up of symptoms, but many of the most common treatment options, including light therapy and oral and topical antibiotics, don’t offer a … Continue reading


The Best Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2017

It’s no secret that there is tons of beauty and skincare information out there, but with so many new bloggers claiming their space in the skincare market, it can be a bit of a challenge to decide who might be worth following. Here, we’ve broken down some of the best beauty bloggers of 2017 into … Continue reading


What Are These Brown, Rough Moles on My Skin?

Any time you notice a suspicious spot on your skin, it is a good idea to see your dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  You can find a board certified dermatologist at While you are on the lookout for suspicious moles, you might come across a scarey looking skin lesion called seborrheic … Continue reading


Which Supplements Should You Take for Healthy Skin?

We now understand more clearly how what you put into your body has an impact–whether good or bad–on the appearance of your skin. So while limiting foods like soda, candy, white bread, and fried foods can help to improve your skin’s health and appearance, it is equally important to know which nutrients to include more … Continue reading


Understanding the 4 Subtypes of Sensitive Skin

Generally speaking, sensitive skin occurs when the skin barrier is weak or damaged. This means that pollutants and other harmful substances can more easily penetrate the skin than is the case for those with resistant skin. It also means that many skincare products can lead to rednes or irritation. More than 40 percent of people … Continue reading

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