6 Skin Care Tips for Transitioning Your Skin to Fall Weather

You don’t have to completely overhaul your entire skin care routine at the first hint of cooler weather. However, there are a few small changes you can make to help your skin transition to drier air and chilly temperatures.

1. Know Your Skin Type

Before making any decisions about which skin care products to use, the first step is to know your skin type. This tip applies no matter the season or the weather. If you can’t seem to get a handle on very dry or oily skin, for example, it may be that the products you’re using are contributing to the problem.

Once you know which of the 16 Baumann Skin Types you are, you can customize your skin care regimen to include only products that are appropriate for your unique skin. To learn more about your Baumann Skin Type, head over to or find an STS physician partner in your area to take the quiz.

2. Upgrade Your Moisturizer

It is a common misconception that only dry skin types need to moisturize. Some oily types may also benefit from using a moisturizer, although the products that oily and dry skin types should use will differ.

For some people, dry skin isn’t much of a problem until the air-humidity levels start to drop in the fall and wintertime. For others, existing dry skin can become even worse in cooler weather. If you fall into either of these categories, you may need to use a heavier barrier repair moisturizer, rather than the lighter product that you might use in the summer.

3. Don’t Forget Your Hands

Speaking of dry skin, have you ever noticed that the skin on the backs of your hands tends to get much drier in the fall and winter than it is in the spring and summer? Just like the skin on your face tends to dry out with drier air and chilly gusts of wind, so can the skin on your hands.

To avoid this, moisturize your hands frequently, especially after washing them. You can try the same barrier repair moisturizer that you may be using for your face, or a soothing oil such as argan oil.

4. Load up on Antioxidants

Another benefit of argan oil is that it possesses very strong antioxidant qualities, in addition to helping to soothe and hydrate dry, cracked skin. Antioxidants are important nutrients to help your entire body and your skin function properly and stay healthy. Everyone, no matter their skin type, should use a daily antioxidant serum to help protect against free radical damage and keep their complexion looking and feeling bright and radiant.

You can also stock up on plenty of foods that are rich in antioxidants, including pomegranates, blueberries, and dark chocolate to give your skin and body a boost of free radical protection both inside and out.

5. Don’t Ditch Your Sunscreen

Just because the days are getting shorter and the sunshine doesn’t seem to be as strong as it was in the peak of summer doesn’t mean that your skin still can’t be damaged by UV rays. Making sunscreen a part of your daily skin care regimen year-round is one of the most effective ways to avoid signs of premature aging and an elevated risk of developing melanoma and other skin cancers.

Remember that UVA rays can also reach your skin through the glass of your car window, so you don’t even have to be outside to be exposed to the sun (Skin Cancer Foundation).

6. Talk to Your Doctor about Professional Treatments

The fall can be an excellent time to talk to your dermatologist about professional skin treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation to improve the appearance of dark spots, acne scarring, wrinkles, and other cosmetic concerns. With laser treatments–including laser hair removal–you’ll need to avoid spending time in the sun until your skin fully heals, so it may be ideal to wait until after summer vacation for such procedures (American Board of Cosmetic Surgery).


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August 18, 2017 Skincare