The Best Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2017

It’s no secret that there is tons of beauty and skincare information out there, but with so many new bloggers claiming their space in the skincare market, it can be a bit of a challenge to decide who might be worth following. Here, we’ve broken down some of the best beauty bloggers of 2017 into a few simple categories to help you find new favorites. If there are other beauty bloggers you love to follow that aren’t included in this list, feel free to let us know on our Facebook page!  If we missed you –  TELL US!

The Most Scientific

There are so many science-based skincare blogs now available that it is almost impossible to choose just one. That said, Colin’s Beauty Pages stands out in this arena for its excellent mix of scientific explanation and easy-to-understand, digestible writing. The blog’s author, Colin, is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical scientist, as well as an independent beauty consultant. Throughout this blog, you’ll find all sorts of science-backed skincare information, including everything from a thorough cosmetic ingredient guide to posts about why our hair turns grey as we age (interestingly, there may be a grey hair gene that is responsible). If you’re one for cold hard facts, mixed with a casual, yet informative tone, check out Colin’s Beauty Pages.

The Most Up-to-Date

In a fast-paced, internet-driven world, it can be hard to stay up-to-date with your beauty blog. However, there are quite a few bigger names in the business that do this quite well. One of which is ThisThatBeauty, run by beauty expert and style writer Felicia Walker Benson. ThisThatBeauty has recently been rated on StyleCaster and Byrdie Beauty as a top beauty blog and Snapchat account to follow for the latest news and trends in skincare and fashion.

The Least Biased

How could we not include Beauty Unbiased as the least biased beauty blog out there? The entire premise of this blog is to provide readers with unsolicited and downright honest reviews and opinions on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Beauty Unbiased isn’t afraid to give you the full scoop on various beauty products, even if that means writing a less-than-perfect review. In a world run on advertisements, this is a breath of fresh air.

The Most Prolific

It would be hard to discuss beauty blogs without mentioning Paula’s Choice, founded by Paula Begoun. Paula’s Choice offers a wide selection of skincare products, but it also focuses on educating consumers on all things skin, whether it be a rundown of cosmetic ingredients or what foods you might want to avoid if your skin is acne-prone. You can also find plenty of makeup tips and tutorials, as well as educational videos about the latest products in the skincare industry. If you’re new to the world of beauty blogging, Paula’s Choice is THE PLACE to start.  I have been a friend of Paula’s for years and have been on her show a few times. I am always amazed at how prolific she is.  In fact0 I think she has another book coming out.  Stay tuned.

The Largest Variety of Products

While Paula’s Choice does offer a wide range of products, we have to spotlight Marta Wohrle’s  Truth in Aging here. Truth in Aging strives to provide honest reviews and even 30-day tests of products before deciding whether or not to offer them for sale in the TIA shop. In addition to these tested products, Truth in Aging also offers a line of its own branded products. You’ll also find an endless supply of excellent information on all sorts of beauty and skincare topics throughout the blog.

The Best Credentialed

More and more physicians are starting to maintain a regular blog, which is great news for consumers who want to be sure that the information they’re getting online is accurate. The Derm Blog’s Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, MD, FAAD is a practicing, board-certified dermatologist, as well as the Physician Director of Healthcare Transformation at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, California. The Derm Blog answers many common questions that people tend to ask when they see their dermatologist, such as “What can I do about athlete’s foot?” or “Should I remove a skin tag?” Because Dr. Benabio is an experienced dermatologist, this is a great go-to blog for the answers to popular questions like these.

The Highest Number of Followers

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care, which takes a holistic approach to skincare, is another blog that is authored by a board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Bailey has grown a substantial following of more than 10 million blog readers and has been featured in publications like Glamour, Self, Natural Health, and others. In fact, Dr. Bailey’s blog has become so popular that it nearly always pops up on the first page of Google searches for a wide range of skincare questions and concerns.

Dr. Baumann’s Favorite Beauty Blogger

Nicki Zevola Benvenuti at is my favorite skincare influencer and social media personality because her advice is very ingredient driven.  If you follow my monthly Dermatology News Column called Cosmeceutical Critique, you know that I write about the science of  cosmeceutical ingredients every month.  Years ago when Nicki was a student studying to become a dermatologist (hence the name “futurederm”), Nicki contacted me to do an interview.  I was so impressed by the fact that she had already read my textbook for dermatology residents that I liked her immediately.  Over the years I have watched NIcki’s following grow. Her business became so successful that she decided not to go to medical school after all. In spite of this, she frequently writes about the science of skincare. It is not uncommon for a patient to bring in a blog written by her to ask me about it. Nicki’s love for products and scientific integrity keep me watching her instagram daily for new posts.

Do you have a favorite blogger?  Please comment here.  Feel free to share this post and give these bloggers the recognition they deserve.


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