How to Explain to Your Doctor What Lip Shape You Want

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In order to get the beautiful pout you want, you will need to be able to explain your goals to your doctor during your consultation. These three tips should help you more clearly understand your own goals and describe them to your injector.

1. Know Which Lip Area(s) You Want to Change

Learn a little bit about your lip anatomy before your filler appointment to help you describe the specific parts of your lips that you’d like to address. For instance, many people wish to enhance their Cupid’s bow, which is the double curve of your upper lip that resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of love. In other cases, enhancing the philtral columns above your upper lip can help to create a more youthful appearance.

This step not only gives you the proper terms to use to describe what you want to your doctor, but it can also help you decide more concretely for yourself what you would like your lips to look like.

2. Bring Photos to Your Appointment

If your goal is to look more like you did when you were younger, bring in a photo of yourself at that age. For example, if you are 50, bring in a photo of yourself when you were in your 20s to give your doctor an idea of your “trouble spots.” As we age, our lips tend to become thinner, which might also mean your lip shape isn’t quite as defined as it used to be. By referencing your younger photo, your doctor should be able to pinpoint the lip concerns you’d like to address.

If your goal is to alter your lip shape, size, or proportions to resemble a more ideal look, try to find magazine clippings or print out pictures from the internet to show your doctor.

3. Have Realistic Goals

Photos can be very helpful to bring along with you, as long as you understand what fillers can and cannot do for your lips. The aim is to enhance your natural lip structure, not completely change it. Talk to your provider about ideal lip proportions, which follow what is known as the “golden ratio,” and trending lip shapes and looks.

Physician Assistant at Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology in Miami Ilanit Samuels says that “as a whole, pop culture has now realized that Kylie Jenner lips are not in anymore. More and more, the trend is toward a more natural-looking lip.”

Ilanit recommends sitting down with your doctor before getting your lips injected to discuss your goals and the expected outcome. Keep in mind that you can always come back and add more filler later on if you still want more volume, but it is more difficult – and sometimes impossible, depending on the filler – to remove the product after it’s been injected.

Bottom line

Everyone’s lip filler goals will vary based on the natural features of their lips. Choose an experienced provider with an artistic eye who understands the ideal lip proportions, shapes, and trends, and work with him or her to create a plan that’s right for you. While pictures are helpful, keep an open mind and realistic expectations throughout the process to help ensure smooth, beautiful, and natural-looking results.

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February 26, 2019 Dermal Fillers