Dr. Baumann Recommends Vitamin C Serums. Here’s Why

Vitamin C is truly an all-star skin care ingredient–in fact, I believe everyone should use a vitamin C antioxidant serum along with their sunscreen every morning. This powerful antioxidant brings with it a whole host of skin benefits, including increased protection from damage caused by free radicals, increased collagen production and improved skin tone. And the best part? A daily vitamin C serum is easy to work into your morning skincare routine.

The Benefits of Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C serum is a must-have in every skincare regimen because its benefits are seemingly endless. Eating foods rich in vitamin C (more on that later) is excellent for your overall health, but using a topical serum can give your skin an extra boost of this vital ingredient.

Ongoing research is constantly uncovering new ways that vitamin C and other antioxidants might benefit our bodies, however, three of the proven ways vitamin C can help your skin are:

  • Provides free-radical protection. Free radicals can be created by a number of environmental factors, two of the biggest being exposure to the sun and pollution. But regardless of how they are created, free radicals can cause skin damage and accelerate the aging process (Dermatology Research and Practice). That’s where antioxidants like vitamin C come in. Antioxidants donate electrons to free radicals, which neutralizes them and, in turn, shields the skin cells from damage.
  • Boosts collagen production. Vitamin C also plays a key role in the production of collagen, a protein that gives the skin its structure and firmness (Linus Pauling Institute). Sun damage and the natural aging process can break down collagen, which leads to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Conversely, a daily vitamin C serum can help to increase collagen production and reduce these common skin concerns.
  • Evens skin pigment. Areas of skin that have a darker color (hyperpigmentation) are often due to sun damage or inflammation. Vitamin C can even out your skin tone and have a brightening effect, thanks to its ability to interrupt the cellular production of the pigment melanin. (Indian Dermatology Online Journal).

Tips for Choosing the Right Vitamin C Skin Care Product

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when searching for the right vitamin C serum. Vitamin C can be unstable if not packaged properly or paired with the right ingredients. It is pH sensitive, so combining it with a product that raises pH levels could make the vitamin C less effective. Each and every ingredient that’s included in a vitamin C serum can affect its efficacy.

Heat and light can also be problematic, as these break down most antioxidants. Because of this, products containing vitamin C need to be packaged properly and shouldn’t be bought online, unless from a reputable source.

A Word about Dietary Antioxidants

Applying a topical vitamin C serum to your skin as part of your morning routine is essential for glowing, healthy skin. But equally important are dietary antioxidants that you get through foods like bell peppers, dark leafy greens and citrus fruits, as well as oral supplements. Each delivery system has its own pros and cons, so utilizing both methods is the key to making sure you’re reaping all of the benefits that vitamin C has to offer.

In Summary

There’s no doubting the fact that vitamin C is packed full of skin health benefits, but because it needs to be in the right concentrations, paired with the right ingredients, properly packaged, and used correctly, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist when introducing a new serum into your skin care routine. Dermatologists can assess your skin type and unique needs and help you to choose the best serum for you.


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August 16, 2016 Skincare