Here’s How to Get Glass Skin Quickly – And Keep It

woman looking at skin in mirror

Glass skin is a K Beauty trend aimed at achieving transparent radiant skin. Many beauty influencers have shared their skin care routine to achieve glass skin on social media. The first step to getting glass skin is to figure out what is preventing you from having the clear, radiant complexion you’re looking for. There are four main barriers to skin health that can prevent your skin from being smooth and radiant. Some skin types have all four skin barriers, while others may have one or two. 

What Is the Best Skin Care Routine to Achieve Glass Skin?

Start by finding out what your Baumann skin type is. A product that works for someone else might not be good for you. It is important to have a personalized skin care routine that is right for your Baumann skin type and targets your underlying barriers to achieving glass skin. Take the skin type quiz to find out your Baumann Skin Type to avoid wasting time and money on skin care products that do not work for your skin. Glass skin requires the perfect skin care routine for your skin type! 

Scrubs and hydroxy acids will give you a temporary glow, but for long-lasting beautiful glass skin, you need products to correct your underlying barriers to skin health. Y

How to Get the Glass Skin Look Fast?

There is one temporary quick fix to get glass skin: exfoliation. You have two choices when it comes to exfoliating your skin: mechanical or chemical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation uses hydroxy acids to remove the top dead layer of skin, making it smooth and radiant. The second way to exfoliate is with physical scrubs. All of the best scrubs for glass skin have rough exfoliating beads or fruit pits that scratch the dead skin off of the surface of the skin leaving it smooth and radiant. Which exfoliation method is best for your skin depends upon your Baumann Skin type.

It is critical to pair this short-term solution to getting glass skin fast with a longer term solution that can make your skin permanently radiant. This involves a personalized skin care routine that most likely includes retinoids. If you have a Zoom call coming up and you want glass skin now, a facial scrub followed by the right makeup is the way to go.

I Don’t Know My Baumann Skin Type, How Can I Get Glass Skin Now?

Taking the 3- to 5-minutes skin type quiz is the best way to get smooth and radiant skin. If you do not want to do that, try these steps:

  1. Use an exfoliating scrub as described above.
  2. Follow with a hyaluronic acid hydrating serum 

What Is the Best Glass Skin Makeup?

Any makeup foundation when applied over dewy, moisturized skin will make your skin look great for that day. However, I think that your makeup should also protect your skin. Blue light from your phone ages skin and causes hyperpigmentation. It is important for your skin to look good not only today, but also in the future. 

Choose a makeup that protects your skin from blue light while giving you the glass skin glow that you want. I like Dermablend because it has a high amount of iron oxides, which have been shown to protect against blue light.

What Is the Best Glass Skin Refining Serum?

After exfoliating, apply a hydrating serum to hold in moisture, followed by a makeup foundation that is the correct skin color for your skin.

One of my favorite glass skin refining serums is SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. It has hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and soothe skin. It works best when it follows an exfoliating scrub such as Pidanti Smoothing Polish Face and Body Scrub.

Bottom Line

Just because you want skin that looks like glass does not mean you want your skin to be fragile like glass. You should make sure you are using the proper skin care routine for your skin type to strengthen your skin and make it healthy and strong long-term. I recommend seeing a doctor to prescribe a personalized skin care routine with morning and evening skin care steps as soon as possible so you can get on the correct path to healthy skin now.

July 29, 2021 Beauty, Skin Aging