How to Hide a Hangover

Between parties and family gatherings, the holiday season can also be called the hangover season. Beyond making you feel not so hot, overindulging in alcohol also has telltale effects on your skin. Since New Year’s Day is probably the day we’re most likely to be hungover, I’ve put together a little guide for preventing your skin from revealing that you overdid it on New Year’s Eve.

1. De-puff

Despite the fact that alcohol is a diuretic—which is why you find yourself making more trips to the bathroom after you’ve thrown back a few—it has a bloating effect (especially around the eyes) the morning after. Blame the bloat on the high amount of carbohydrates in alcohol and the fact that booze boosts circulation, therefore pumping more blood into your face. To help deflate puffy eyes, you can look for an eye product that contains caffeine to help flush excess fluid out of the eye area, or sit back and relax with cool tea bags on your eyes. (I recommend green tea bags if you have them since they’re higher in antioxidants).

2. Conceal

If you drink too much, it’s likely you also slept too little (and going to bed buzzed decreases the quality of the sleep you actually do get). Undereye circles are a major sign of a hangover, but fortunately this is an easy symptom to hide. All you need is a good concealer (I like Benefit Erase Paste). And in the event that your drunken shenanigans leave you with a bruise on your arm or your leg, cover it up with a product that won’t rub off, like Dermablend Cover Cream with SPF 30 or M.A.C Face and Body Foundation.

3. Illuminate

Another hangover symptom is a dull, dreary complexion. Caused by alcohol-induced dehydration, cigarette smoke, fatigue (and just about everything else bad you did to cause your hangover), there two quick fixes. One is to restore blood flow to your skin by exfoliating. A scrub, mask or skincare brush will do the trick.

The second fix is to fake a luminous glow. You can give your skin a boost with an illuminating serum. Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator is designed to help fade discoloration, but this lightweight gold serum has light-reflecting particles that instantly brighten.  

You can also use your makeup to create the illusion of more luminous skin. A good highlighter—and knowing how to use it—can work wonders for decreasing the appearance of shadows and attract eyes to all the right places. Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Powder makes targeted application a cinch, and a super-light dusting of Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in “Starlight” is guaranteed to give you your glow back—and help make your hangover a mere memory.


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August 10, 2016 Skincare