How to Revive Dry, Chapped Lips

Do your lips get dry, chapped, and flaky as winter weather moves in? This is a common problem for lots of people, but the good news is that there are a few things you can do to get rid of chapped lips and be more comfortable all winter long. Follow these five tips for reviving dry lips, in addition to using your regular skincare regimen for your Baumann Skin Type. 

1. Use Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF

Apply a moisturizing lip balm to keep moisture sealed inside your skin. SPF is important even in the winter, as the sun’s UV rays can cause dryness, chapping, and damaging sunburn. The skin on your lips is thinner than on the rest of your face and body, and does not produce antioxidant-containing sebum like other areas of your body. For these reasons, your lips are even more susceptible to sun damage, making SPF a vital part of your skincare regimen all year long. 

When choosing a lip balm, look for a mix of humectant and occlusive ingredients. Humectant ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe can actually make your dry, chapped lips worse if they are not combined with an occlusive ingredient such as beeswax, argan oil, and mineral oil. Humectants work by pulling in moisture from the environment around them. In humid conditions, humectants can pull in excess moisture from the air. However, when the air is dry in the winter, humectants can pull water out of your skin instead, making it even drier. 

Occlusives solve this problem by creating a physical shield between your skin and the atmosphere, so moisture cannot escape from your skin. However, regularly using occlusive ingredients on your lips can make them “addicted” to the lip balm. Over time, your lips will get used to having this extra barrier and will therefore slow down their production of new cells. This can make your lips feel dry and flaky when you stop using the lip balm. To avoid this, use lip balms that contain a combination of humectants and occlusives, or take a break from the lip balm every so often. 

2. Avoid Irritating Ingredients in Lip Products 

Some ingredients that are commonly found in lip products like balms, glosses, and temporary lip-plumping products can cause irritation, making dry, chapped lips worse. If you are struggling with chapped lips, avoid irritating ingredients like:

  • Cinnamon and cinnamon oil
  • Capsaicin (used in temporarily lip plumpers)
  • Menthol 
  • Fragrances 
  • Some essential oils  

Also note that shiny lip gloss can attract UV rays, making your lips more susceptible to sun damage. So swapping out your lip gloss for a matte finish lipstick or tinted balm can help to avoid dry, irritated lips caused by the sun – even in the winter.

3. Keep Your Face and Lips Protected from the Weather 

Exposure to cold, windy weather can cause chapped lips and dry skin. Whenever possible, keep exposed skin covered with scarves and hats to protect it from the harsh weather. 

Consider getting a humidifier to use in your bedroom and/or office to help keep your skin protected from the dryness that comes along with indoor heating. 

4. Use a Honey and Sugar Scrub 

You can combine honey and sugar to make your own DIY lip scrub at home. Honey is full of antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent ingredient for your lips. The sugar acts as an exfoliant to help remove flakes of dead skin from your lips. However, do not use this scrub every day or if your lips have open cuts or cracks.

Read this blog for more at-home skincare hacks to try and which ones to avoid. 

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping your body hydrated is great for your skin and lips, too. It is generally recommended to strive for drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day, or one-half gallon. Keep in mind that sugary sodas and even some fruit juices can be detrimental to your skin, as high sugar content has been linked with skin problems such as acne, as well as chronic inflammation throughout the body. 

Additionally, avoid the urge to lick your lips when they feel dry or dehydrated. Use lip balm instead. 

Bottom Line

Dry, chapped lips are a common problem for many people in the winter months. Use these tips to help keep your lips smooth and healthy all year long. 

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November 20, 2019 Eczema/Dry Skin