New Study Finds that Sunscreen Improves Your Skin’s Appearance

We all know that that wearing sunscreen daily is one of the best ways to defend our skin against the dark spots, premature aging and skin cancer caused by UV rays. But until recently, sunscreen’s ability to actually reverse existing signs of photoaging received very minimal, if any, investigation. As if you needed yet another reason to be diligent about using sunscreen, here’s what the exciting new research has to say.

Sunscreen Linked with Improvements in Skin Tone and Texture

A groundbreaking study published in Dermatologic Surgery involving 32 participants evaluated over a 52-week period, found that daily sunscreen use resulted in an overall improved appearance of skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and signs of photoaging. Even more convincing still, clinical evaluations reported these significant improvements in the skin’s appearance in an astounding 100 percent of participants following their daily use of facial broad-spectrum sunscreen.

While this is likely the first of many more studies to examine the long-term benefits of sunscreen on skin tone and texture, this research shows promising evidence of a fact that many dermatologists and other skin experts already had more than a hunch was true. The point here is that the skin is very much a living and self-repairing part of your body, and as soon as you stop subjecting it to sun damage, it’s able to regenerate itself by producing new collagen and restoring a smoother, thicker texture.

Additional Sun Protection Tips

The big takeaway from these new study results is that if you give it a chance, your skin will rejuvenate itself. The one caveat, though, is that you’re going to have to give up basking in the sun and other less-than-healthy habits that have been linked with cell damage, including smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

When it comes to the sun, let this new information be just another motivation for applying sunscreen daily. To really up the ante and keep your skin in tip-top shape, keep these additional sun-protection tips in mind, too:

  • UV rays can penetrate clouds, so don’t use a rainy day as an excuse to skip your sunscreen.
  • UV rays can reflect off of snow and make the snowy mountains just as damaging as a sandy beach.
  • Don’t forget your lips! The thin, delicate skin on lips is very susceptible to sunburns and can easily become dry and chapped.
  • If you’re going to be outside for long periods of time, pack adequate sun protective clothing, including sunglasses, a hat and a t-shirt or other coverup for your shoulders.

A Concluding Note

I feel very strongly that everyone, no matter your skin type, should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every morning. If you have concerns about clogged pores or oily or greasy residue, I recommend trying a physical sunscreen, which typically contains zinc or titanium dioxide, rather than chemical sunscreens, which contain ingredients like oxybenzone or avobenzone.

If persistent skin conditions are currently keeping you from using a daily sunscreen, visit to find a physician who can accurately diagnose your skin type and recommend a sunscreen that you’ll actually want to use!


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December 21, 2016 Skincare