Baumann Skin Type® ORNT: What You Need to Know

Why is ORNT the Ideal Skin Type?

If your Baumann Skin Type is ORNT, or number 10, congratulations are in order.

You are the Ideal Skin Type!

This is the skin type that all of the other skin types are aspiring to be. Either you were born with great genetics or your lifestyle habits, skincare choices, and cosmetic procedures have brought you to this ideal healthy skin type.

The naturally occurring ORNT skin type is very uncommon in ages over 20. This youthful healthy type is commonly seen in young people but without the proper skincare and lifestyle habits the skin type begins to deteriorate in the second decade of life.  In our 2013 study of 40,618 people over the age of 20, only 315 were naturally this ideal skin type. This means that most people are not using the correct skincare products and are not enjoying ORNT skin. The goal of every skincare regimen should be to convert the skin as close as possible to an ORNT skin type. Once you achieve the ORNT skin type, you should continue with the proper skincare regimen, cosmetic procedures and healthy lifestyle choices.

Why is ORNT the Ideal Skin Type?

Why is ORNT the Ideal Skin Type?

The absence of underlying pathology and the presence of protective sebum are what most characterize this healthy skin type.  ORNTs are hydrated and do not have underlying inflammation, pigmentation issues, or a susceptibility to wrinkles.  All of the protective mechanisms that the skin needs to be healthy are functioning well.  The sebum that ORNTs make provides skin protection. ORNTs do not suffer from an impaired skin barrier because even if genetically they do not make the correct cell membrane components to help the skin hold onto water, the sebum on the surface of their skin provides an occlusive layer on the skin’s surface that serves as a protective barrier. This sebum provides emolliency and prevents water from evaporating off of the skin’s surface. Sebum also deposits lipids on the skin’s surface that protect the skin from allergens, irritants and infectious agents.  Sebum also contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E that help prevent aging.

Is there any downside to ORNT skin?

ORNT’s have skin that is protected by an adequate amount of sebum.  In some cases, ORNTs complain of too much sebum production that manifests as excess oil on the skin.  This results in a shiny face that is most noticeable in photos. The excessive oiliness causes them to have to wash their face in the middle of the day or to apply powder. ORNTs may have enlarged pores.  Excessive sebum production has been linked to enlarged pores. This is because the sebaceous gland that makes sebum is located down in the hair follicle.  When excess amounts of sebum is made, it can clog the hair follicle leading to blackheads and whiteheads (otherwise known as clogged pores or comedones).  Once the pores have been stretched larger, it is harder to shrink them. Addition of retinoids to the skincare regimen can help shrink pores. However, the protective and anti-aging benefits of sebum make it worth this trade off.

How To Reduce Oil on the Skin

ORNTs should avoid creamy cleansers and heavy moisturizers. Use foaming cleansers to remove excess oil from the skin.  Chemical sunscreen have a lot of oil in them so a physical sunscreen is often a better choice for oily skin types.  Lifestyle habits such as stress reducing activities will lower the hormone cortisol which plays a role in increased oil production.  Use of talc powder and oil absorbing primers can help disguise oily skin.  If you have excessively oily skin or your scalp is so oily that you need to wash your hair twice a day your doctor can prescribe oral medications such as isotretinoin, spironolactone and oral contraceptives to help decrease oil production to a normal level.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Whether you were born with ORNT skin or you achieved it through the use of cosmetic procedures and the proper skincare, the goal is to keep this ideal skin type.  Follow your doctor’s advice on what products or procedures to use to keep your skin healthy. It is also important to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise at least 3 hours a week, limit sun exposure and avoid smoking.

Skincare Tips for ORNT Skin

In truth, those with the ORNT skin type really don’t need an extensive skincare routine. But that doesn’t mean that you should simply leave your skin to fend for itself. Although your skin can withstand harsh ingredients and irritants there is no reason to unnecessarily challenge your skin. Click here to see my current favorite products for your skin type. At a minimum, you should use three primary products to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

  • Sunscreen- Research has shown that the sun’s UV rays, air pollution, and cigarette smoke accelerate skin aging. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences). Using a daily sunscreen is a MUST for every skin type. ORNT skin types should use light non-comedogenic products. The best sunscreens for oily skin types include Jan Marini Physical Protection SPF 45, Elta MD Clear SPF 46, and La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid Extreme SPF 60. Click here to find my current favorite sunscreens.
  • Cleanser- Choose a foaming cleanser that will unclog pores and remove dirt and oil from the skin’s surface. It is very important for your skin type to cleanse the skin twice a day. Some options for your skin type are Obagi Nu Derm Foaming Gel and La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser. Click here to find my current favorites.
  • Pore Clearing Product- Exfoliating oily skin can help to keep your pores clear, which, in turn, controls excess oil production. Use a salicylic acid facial cleanser is the perfect solution.  Click here for my current favorites.
  • Avoid- Stay away from borage seed oil, mineral oil, and other oils, waxes and butters in your skincare products as these can lead to excess oil on the skin’s surface.

The Bottom Line

If you have ORNT skin, you should feel lucky–you have the healthiest of all the 16 Baumann Skin Types! But don’t take your ideal skin type for granted. Following a simple, yet effective skincare routine every day, along with staying out of the sun and avoiding smoking, can help you to maintain your healthy, flawless complexion.


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