Baumann Skin Type® OSNT: What You Need to Know

OSNT Skin Type: What You Need to Know

What the OSNT Skin Type Means:





Let’s have a short break down about what you need to know about being an OSNT Baumann Skin Type. Now this isn’t going to be as comprehensive as stopping into an STS approved dermatologist, but it will help guide your way.

As an OSNT Rosacea Type, the most noticeable problem is facial inflammation (redness).  Inflammation and acne are worsened with stress, so your redness tends to give you away in social situations. OSNTs are at a higher risk for rosacea, a dermatological condition that affects fourteen million Americans. Unfortunately, rosacea makes OSNTs walking lie-detector tests, you know this all too well. Tense at the meeting? We know. Attracted to that new acquaintance? It’s hard to conceal. If you need a cool head or an impassive look, you’d better forget about that. Your face will always give you away until you learn to control the inflammation.  You can lessen inflammation by avoiding facial brushes, scrubs and other things that cause friction.  Other ways to turn off inflammatory pathways that lead to facial redness are getting enough sleep, exercising, relaxing, doing things you find calming, and avoiding ingredients, products, and (when possible) life situations that are inflammatory. Eating foods high in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and flax seeds can help. Most people that have rosacea don’t realize it until it is severe enough to cause moderate redness most of the day. Rosacea is progressive so catching it early is paramount. Click here to see my favorite products for your skin type.

OSNT Skin Type: What You Need to Know


With OSNT skin, you may experience any of the following:

  • Facial oiliness
  • Facial redness and flushing
  • Pimples
  • Yellow or skin-colored bumps with a dent in the middle (These enlarged oil glands are called sebaceous hyperplasia.)
  • Burning or stinging
  • Facial rashes or pink scaling patches, especially around your nose
  • Visible red or blue facial blood vessels
  • Sunscreens feel too heavy or greasy
  • Skin looks shiny or red (or both!) in photos


The oiliness of OSNT skin improves with time (and women improve sooner than men). As you age, the acne caused by overactive oil production usually lessens. Finally, a benefit to going through menopause! However, women aren’t out of the woods, since the hot flashes that some women experience can result in increased facial flushing—your biggest complaint. To prevent or reduce the signs of aging, many people use anti-aging skin creams, but OSNTs should use caution when choosing them. Many contain acids and other ingredients that can irritate your skin. Their exfoliation action is good for others, but not for you. Retinoids, which are so important to prevent aging, are often very difficult for you to tolerate.  If you decide to try a retinoid, use a very low strength retinol every third night until your skin can handle it without getting red or scaling.

Your best aging prevention technique is the regular use of sunscreen and anti-inflammatories in your skin care and diet. Believe it or not, the OSNT Skin Type is a great one to have. Younger OSNTs may not believe me, but all I can say is: Wait until you are forty. When other types are scrambling to minimize the signs of aging, you’ll look in the mirror with gratitude for your youthful looks due to the antioxidants that occur naturally in your oily skin. If OSNTs continue healthy lifestyle habits, they will save a fortune because aging will not bring the wrinkles and sags that drive others to costly procedures like Botox, hyaluronic acid injections, face-lifts, and lasers. I have a simple message for OSNTs: see your dermatologist ASAP to get started on the latest anti-inflammatory products to prevent your facial redness from progressing.

Want to learn more about your skin type? Visit Your Local STS Dermatologist to see the best treatment and how to handle things such as sun exposure or rosacea.


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