Baumann Skin Type® OSNW: What You Need to Know

OSNW Skin Type

What does OSNW mean?

  • Oily
  • Sensitive
  • Non-pigmented
  • Wrinkle-prone


OSNW Skin Type

Your skin type is a very common one and is characterized by skin inflammation and a tendency to wrinkle. The skin’s natural oil provides some antioxidant protection but it is not enough to protect your skin type from aging. OSNW’s often have large pores and your skin may feel shiny during the day. Multiple steps are necessary in the skin care regimen to address all of your issues. It is important to follow the steps in the regimen exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Many OSNWs fall in the rosacea subset and experience redness and flushing. “My face looks red in photos” is a common complaint for those with rosacea type sensitive skin. You may also notice yellowish bumps on your face with central indentations. These are enlarged oil-producing glands that over time may cause your nose to appear enlarged. Sun exposure, spicy food, heat and alcohol worsens rosacea and all the symptoms on the rosacea spectrum. Rosacea is progressive so steps must be taken to slow its course.

Other OSNW’s fall in the acne subtype. I often hear “I am too old for acne” or “When am I going to outgrow my acne?” from my patients. The problem is that many anti-aging creams have ingredients that cause acne. This skin type needs clear recommendations on what anti-aging products to use. One great anti-aging ingredient for OSNWs is a retinoid which is a family of ingredients that includes retinol, tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene.

Getting started on a  retinoid can be a challenge for OSNWs. It is crucial that the retinoid is used along with the proper cleanser and moisturizer to reduce side effects. It is normal to experience mild peeling and scaling in the first 2- 3 weeks of starting a new retinoid product. If redness or stinging develops use the creamiest cleanser in your regimen twice a day followed by the moisturizer. Skip the other products for 3 days. After 3 days restart the regimen one product at a time. Click here to see my current favorite products for your skin type.

As an OSNW You May Experience any of the following:

  • Facial redness and flushing
  • Pink patches
  • Pimples
  • Facial oiliness

Skincare Tips


See your doctor if you think you have rosacea (recurring facial redness and flushing)

Use salicylic acid containing cleansers

Consider an antioxidant supplement

Wash your face after rinsing out your hair conditioner to remove any residue from skin

Use a sunscreen every day of at least SPF 15

Add foods high in Vitamin A such as sweet potatoes, kale and carrots


Trust that a product is right for you because it says “sensitive.”

Don’t go to sleep without washing your face

Use products not prescribed by your dermatologist

Use skin, make-up and hair products with isopropyl myristate (causes acne)

Eat a lot of sugar because it causes acne and wrinkles

Bottom Line

Adding anti-inflammatory ingredients to your diet and skincare routine is the first step. Pay attention to triggers that worsen your skin inflammation and avoid them. Triggers may include sugar, dairy, spicy food, hot food and alcohol. Avoid the temptation to experiment with products. Your skin type is difficult and a trip to the dermatologist will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. In office procedures such as blue and red light or the VBeam 595nm laser can help reduce redness and improve acne.

To properly diagnose your skin type and get a prescription regimen for your skin type, visit a certified STS Dermatologist. Most people guess their skin type incorrectly and are using the wrong products on their skin. To maximize your skin’s health, your doctor will tell you exactly what products are right for your skin type and give you prescriptions for FDA approved medications to treat the underlying causes of your skin inflammation. Today is the day to start on the path to healthy skin!


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