What Does a Scientifically Proven Skin Care Routine Really Mean?

All brands tell you their products are the best skincare products in the world and that their “proven skin care products” are right for everyone. Ask yourself, what do they mean by “proven skin care” and how exactly do they back up their claims of a proven skin care routine? Are their claims evidence-based?

There are 16 unique Baumann Skin Types with 64 different sub-skin types and 40,000+ different skin care routine options to match your skin’s needs. So, what exactly does a skin care brand mean when they say they have proven skin care products?

These are questions to ask yourself:

Are the Proven Skin Care Products Tested on All 16 Skin Types?

Each skin type has different needs. Rough, dry, dull skin needs moisturizer, but the choice of moisturizer depends upon the underlying barriers to skin health such as inflammation and hyperpigmentation. A proven skin care routine for dry skin may not address the underlying issues of inflammation and altered pigmentation. Oily, shiny skin does not let ingredients penetrate as well as moisturized skin. This means that a skin care product proven to work on dry skin cannot be considered to be proven to work on oily skin. The skin care products need to be tested on the exact skin type in order to correctly say that the skin care products are proven to work for the corresponding skin type.

Are the Proven Skin Care Products Tested as a Single Product?

If the proven skin care products are tested as a single product, how do you know they will not be inactivated or affected by other skin care products in the skin care routine? Layering skin care products together will affect the efficacy of the products.

Skin care products should be tested together as an entire regimen. Each skin care routine product affects other products in the skin care routine steps. Every product should enhance the efficacy of the other products. The entire routine should be tested on each skin type.

Who Tested the Proven Skin Care Products?

It is always important to know who did the research testing on the skin care regimens. Did the skin care brand do the research that showed the results? It is always best if a dermatologist unrelated to the skin care brand does the research to show that a skin care routine is proven to work.

Why Do I Need Proven Skin Care Products?

Every skin care product that you put on your skin affects your skin in some way. Every ingredient in the skin care product matters. You should only use proven skin care products that have undergone testing to show that the skin care products and the entire skin care routine work well on your skin and target any skin conditions that you have.

The words, “proven skin care routine” do not mean anything unless you know how the testing was done, what was tested and who did the testing. You can ask the skin care brands you are interested in to share their data with you about how they went about researching their skin care products.

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October 20, 2020 Skincare