What Is the Golden Ratio and How Is It Used to Create the Perfect Lip?

what is the golden ratio for lips

Achieving the perfect lip filler requires not only skill and precision, but also an artistic eye. An expert injector will understand lip shape and anatomy, as well as something called the “golden ratio” when perfecting your pout with injectable fillers.

The Golden Ratio and Your Lips

The golden ratio, also known as the “golden mean” or “divine proportion” is a mathematical concept that asserts that the most aesthetically pleasing proportion between two objects is 1:1.618. More accurately, 1.618 is written as the Greek letter phi (Φ). This concept has been traced back as far as Greek mathematician Euclid, and it was perhaps most famously highlighted in Leonardo da Vinci’s illustration of Divine Proportion, written by Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli.

In nature, this ratio is very prominent. It can be seen in the pattern on snail shells, leaves, flower petals, and human anatomy. It also applies to human lips, where the bottom lip should ideally be 1.618 larger than the top lip. Similarly, the top lip should protrude outward 1.618 more than the bottom lip when viewing from the side, and the lips should be 1.618 times wider than the width of the nose.

With this proportion in mind, an artistic injector can enhance a person’s natural beauty by adding just enough filler to come as close to the golden ratio as possible. However, exaggerating this ratio can result in “duck lips” or a fake appearance. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to do your research and choose a lip filler artist carefully.

How to Get the Perfect Lip Shape

Before your lip filler appointment, there are some things you can do to help ensure you get the lip shape and fullness you’re looking for:


  • Work with a reputable provider. As described above, lip filler requires an artistic eye, as well as technical skill. To get the best results possible, choose an experienced provider. Additionally, there are lots of illegal or fake injectors out there, so do your research before signing up for injectables. To avoid this, choose a provider who works under a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
  • Have realistic expectations. Fillers can help you get fuller lips and can also slightly augment the shape of your lips. However, there are limitations as to how much fillers can change your natural lips. Go into your appointment with a realistic idea of what your ideal lips would look like to avoid ending up with a “trout pout” or “duck lips.”
  • Know basic lip anatomy. There are certain landmarks on the lips that can be enhanced using filler to create a fuller or more youthful look. For example, enhancing the philtral columns can improve your cupid’s bow, creating a younger appearance and more aesthetically pleasing lip shape. Understanding these basic terms can help you explain to your provider the areas of your lips that you’d like to address, as well as what you’d like your final results to look like.


Bottom Line

Choosing a skilled and knowledgeable provider for your lip injections is key to getting the smooth, beautiful results you’re hoping for. An experienced lip injector should be familiar with the golden ratio and should be able to offer advice as to the placement and amount of filler that would best suit your natural lip structure and unique goals.

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February 28, 2019 Dermal Fillers